rendercore supporting c4d 9.1!


this is quite interesting for some users i guess. it has own automatic managementsoftware.
and i think it is a good sign the big renderfarms now also supporting cinema:-)



have you used remote render farm services before?
If yes, what are the costs like… Just skimming through the info on that site, it did not appear quite clear to me.


They have a cost simulator on the site. I just checked it out and
it says that the charge is $0.65USD per Ghz-CPU-Hrs.:eek:

Kinda expensive for the small guy.



I don’t know, it all depends if you can take the costs into your equation when billing. I think it is feasable…


I guess I just didn’t think about the fact that this cost can be passed on
to the customer if they want the results faster. Good point.



So around $500 to rent 10x3gig p4 systems for 24 hours. Not bad but there are much better deals around.


Yes indeed. Dann Stubbs’ Renderking gives you unlimited access to 24 nodes (shared with 3 other users) for $350/month. This suits me just fine for moderately sized animation jobs.



yes i formyself also would prefer renderking, but for bigger jobs, bigger sized compaies i think this is quite interesting.

i also find it a kind of indicator, when big renderservices add cinema besides the usual “mayamaxlightwave”…




i find it more interesting that i get a letter from Alias legal department saying that it is against the user license to offer maya rendering for commercial purposes.

When i mentioned (and provided web links) to the dozens (almost hundreds) of companies out there offering maya rendering and if they are too in violation of their license agreement - alias legal said “yes, that they too are in violation of the license agreement and would have received the same cease and desist letters”.

now six months later and nobody else seems to have stopped offering maya rendering - their lawyers long ago just stopped responding to my questions…

smells fishy to me - but i don’t really have the money laying around at the moment to get a lawyer involved to see what really is going on - but seems like nice indicators of the real business and the factors involved - it really sucks to be the little guy much of the time…



You can’t help but liking the C4d NetRender philosophy when you read this…


LOL, thats brilliant!, go Alias!

So where exactly in the EULA does it state that thou shalt not render other people’s files? I mean can you imagine buying an electric drill which isn’t allowed to be used for commercial purposes for any customers? Or how about Ford sending out a few nasty legal letters to Hertz for renting out their vehicles. Mind boggling.


Yes mind boggling.
Alias has been trying to bring Maya to the “little guy” with their right hand and making it near impossible to be a successful professional maya animator with the left. They dont realize they’re hurting themselves with this kind of restriction?

Maybe some of the small shops currently using maya will begin to discover the joys of c4d.


alias 's just crazy!

very, very strange




I may be able to take some credit for this. They have been aggressively marketing lately, and contacting all the members of the New York Society of Renderers by phone and email. They called me and we had a discussion about whether or not Cinema could be available. They ‘looked into it’ and called me back (the owner, Henry) saying they would add the program.

I look forward to trying it out, even to test-render a previously completed project. I doubt I want to try it on deadline.

I would be curious how the ‘licencing’ is structured. I have the unlimited net licence, so I should be able to render on every CPU on earth at the same time (if only all of you would open your computers to me), so why not a ‘farm’ on MY licence? In other words, regarding the MAYA attack on the farm business. Don’t their USERS have rights to render on some number of CPUs?

If anyone here tries out RenderCore please report back to this thread.


as far as i know in cinema you are allowed to do this anyways.

sounds interesting though if you do the test.

please post the results here.



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