Render without shadows


Hi Hi.

I have just started working with maya, so this might be a newbi question.

I made a scene with some nurbs objects and paintet them with the 3d paint tool, using the artisan brush. I like the “paintet look” the scene got, the only problem is the shadows from the default light. How do I turn them off?

I am trying to make the rendered image look like the image in the viewport when the lightning option is “no light”, this makes the objects in the scene illumineted and without the shadows. unfortunately, i dossent change the rendered image:( I tried turning off “receive shadow” on my objects, but shadows from the default light is still there. So is it possible to render without shadows and where every object is illumineted the same?


Shadows should be off by default. Are you talking about shading?

If so, try to make an ambient light.
Or put your textures into the ambient or incandence (sp?) slot of your shader.


create an ambient light and adjust until the shadows are gone


Either that or turn the Ambient colour of all the shaders up to full white.


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