Render to texture: missing some v-ray "available texture elements"


Hi all :slight_smile:

I am using 3ds max 2015 and v-ray 3.00.07 (due to hardware limitations), I am following a tutorial with supposedly the same v-ray version as mine and I noticed that in mine there are some missing “available texture elements” in the output>add section of Render-to-texture, such as the “VrayReflectionFilterMap” (which in fact its equivalent “VrayReflectionFilter” does show up when I go to Render setup>Render elements>Add, so I thought maybe the problem is not related to my v-ray version but to some wrong v-ray configuration file)
Other maps such as “VrayDiffuseFilterMap” do appear as available in Render-to-texture.

I’m attaching some screenshots so you can see the v-ray texture elements I do have available

Thank you!