Render to Texture - LightingMap - Mental Ray


Hello CG Society,

I encountered a Problem working on my latest project:

There are two attached files to this Thread “room01.jpg” and “bodenLightingMapmistake.jpg”.

As you can see im working with a scene from a very known YouTube Tutorial.

The Problem:
Room01.jpg is the scene how I want it to look like with all the Light and Ambient Occlusion.

I want to create Baked Textures that have all the Information of the Light and Ambient Occlusion to use as a SelfIllumination Map.

Now I created the Lightingmap with Render to Texture of the ground. What comes out is a good Lighting map with one Important mistake: there is a Border with Light Bulbs all around the edge of the ground…

How do i get rid of it? what did I do wrong?

I circled the White Line at the Bottom at one edge red as an example.

[I]Lighting System:

Daylight System
mental ray Sky
mental ray Sun (Sunlight not enabled)

The Actual Light is generated through various Sky Portals through the windows of the Scene.


Mental Ray

Final Gather Enabled (Draft)

Global Illumination Enabled
Photons per sample : 500

Light Properties:
Average Photons per Light: 15000[/I]

I hope you can help me,

Thank you and Greetings.



You most likely need to increase your final gather quality. FG will be different in a render like that since (I believe) the FG is based on your view rather than the entire scene, so the baked lightmap is larger space than the rendered image of the room and so the lighting isn’t enough to cover it.

It also might be that your GI sampling radius is too high.


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