Render to Texture autosave black


Hi everybody, I checked the whole internet and I couldn’t find a single clue on this bug that is occurring to me.

I’m rendering on 3ds max + vRay, a render to texture, which comes out nicely. The problem is… the autosave feature it’s not working, it saves ANYTHING completely black. I also uninstalled and reinstalled to be sure it wasn’t a vRay problem.

I did the following things: Create a plane, a sphere. Apply VrayMTL to both, add a vRay light plane. Then I go to indirect illumination and check global illumination. As last, I go to render to texture and make it go.

The render in the buffer works, the autosave does not.

Anyone has ANY idea what it may be?



Ok, it’s my fault, I’m an idiot. I was baking a simple “diffuse map” instead of a vRay map and it looks like this was the cause of the problem.

If anyone else were to have such a problem, remember to switch to “vRay complete map”.


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