Render speed


I was wondering why my render time was so long with so few elements in it.
I had a lot of elements in my project for which I checked the renderer and edited to off.
Then I deleted the elements and the render time was incredible fast.
Is this a bug? I can’t recall I had this issue back in R17.


are the objects involved in Dynamics? Those still calculate with visibility off so frame prep time could be involved.


No just static element with a lot of polygons.
No dynamics, no SSS, just normal high poly elements with textures.


Were there perhaps any children of the offending elements which had Renderer set to forced on and thus were overriding the parent Renderer setting? Perhaps ones that you might not have realized were childed that way?

I know I’ve done that sometimes with some of my light studio setups.

Could also disable all textures and re-enable one at a time or in batches to identify any that bog down.