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I made an animation on a complete rigged character, which its smooth level was setup for animation - low poly. I cannot select the character now, only the rig controllers so I don’t have an option to smooth it for render. How can I smooth it for render? Should I find the mesh in the outliner?

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You will need to select the mesh to smooth it, either by using the smooth preview (press 3) in Maya 2009, or by adding a mental ray subdiv approximation.

When I build a character I make sure all the geometry ends in _Geo. That way if I need to select all the geometry I can just use the quick select box and type “*_Geo”.


you should always name your objects and keep the outliner comfortable for selecting any object. Also you can use display layers for selecting groups of objects that you want to associate together for selection (and not grouping).

In your Maya interface - under the file, edit, modify etc. bar there is a series of buttons (8 of them) which enable you to select certain aspects (or choose to disable selection) like surfaces, joints, locators, curves etc.

Lastly in your active view there is a tab called - show. You can use the options there to show \ hide any aspects of your scene - like polys, nurbs, lights, joints, etc.

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p.s. checked out your site and I like your work. Especially the 2d stuff.


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