Render Queue Nightmare!


Hello all,

I am relatively new to C4D and Im having a nightmare with the render queue. Im using R15 Prime and have three different scenes in three different files. All three will render to picture viewer. Due to a slow computer, this can take quite a few hours each. Id like to be able to leave the computer overnight to render all three to a high quality.

However when I set the three scenes up in the render queue and start the render, it takes 3 seconds to rend each one and all I get is a small, all black image. The render settings are the exactly the same as when I rendered to picture viewer. I played around with the quality, ranging from high to very low and unfortunately that didnt make a difference.

Please can someone help me. I have trawled the internet and can not find a similar problem out there. Let me know if you need any more details about my project.


check the render log xml file that is generated with the images, it will list any errors


Thank you so much for replying.

Having a look at the log and to be honest, I dont understand a lot of it. There doesnt seem to be anything obviously saying ERROR.

Could you take a look at it for me? New Users cant upload attachments, so Im unsure how to show it to you.


Are you sure the render queue project points to the right render setting or camera ?


Yes, I double checked this. I only have one camera in each of the three scenes.

Although, what do you mean by "points to the right render setting’? Dont ‘render to picture viewer’ and ‘add to render queue’ use the same render settings? Maybe this is where I am going wrong.


Yes by default it should point to the same render setting and camera, but in the render queue it can be changed so I’m wondering it that’s the case.


I have the render settings set to custom. I can see where I’ve been going wrong now.

I have tried to save my custom render settings as a preset and then set this preset in the render queue however the render queue doesn’t seem to list my preset.

I did however manage to get the render to last a little longer. I set the render settings in the render queue to another of the C4D presets (still-page-large-150dpi). This then rendered for just under 1 minute but then said ERROR-SAVING IMAGE.

So I am still very confused. Any ideas?


can you delete all the geometry from your file and just place a simple shape in there (like a cube) and apply all of your materials to that cube and post a file so we can look at your settings?

as what you are trying to do is very simple there must be some setting that isn’t right


Unfortunately I cant post anything on this forum as Im a new user.


if you have dropbox, google drive, etc you can post it there and then post a link to the file


sorry for the long pause … heres a link to my files,

theres an empty C4D file and a log from the render queue. Really hope this helps