Render out grease pencil?



I did some grease pencil sketching at sequence viewer. Is there any way to render out it?



Hey Raty, to render your grease pencil animation, hold down Alt + Shift and click the “Render this window” button on the far right header of the 3D window.

That will render out the individual frames to whatever folder you predetermined as your Render Output Folder.

Note, this will only be an openGL render, nothing fancy. To do an actual render, you must convert your drawings to actual 3D objects.


Yes, but that’s only if I want to render 3D view, not sequence viewer :frowning:

This time I tried some new way to plan my animation with Grease pencil. I had preview render from 3ds max witch I imported it in to Blender sequencer. Set Grease pencil ON and I sketched up some cloth animation movements every 5 or 10 frames. So far so good and I was very pleased for result I was getting. It’s much faster to just draw few frames of ruff 2D animation than start with full 3D.

But now I wanted to export that Grease pencil animation to image sequence or movie file to get it back into 3ds max for traceing work, but I never founded way to render out such a way.

So maybe it’s not possible? If not, it would be must have thing for next release :wink:


Raty, I apologize - I managed to skip over the words “sequence editor.”

I took a look myself and tried a variety of different options and did some research, unfortunately I do not think its possible.

I did read this, “If you put your mouse in the seq viewer window and hit ctrl-F3 you can save a screenshot of that subwindow” I could not test this because I think its on a windows machine (I’m a mac). Its not perfect, but it might help somewhat.


I think its command f3 on the mac, iirc.
and it should work in any area as its a feature in ghost,
the custom windowing library developed for blender. :slight_smile:


Thanks imapetert and fktt.

Too bad, but this time screenshot is not enough :frowning:

Do you know is there any place where I could send feature request for Blender developers to add that feature?




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