Render-Newbie Query


Hi all,

After using 3ds Max for a couple of years I have recently converted to Maya. I’m an animater first and fore-most, so rendering is something I’ve not really delved into yet.

Apologies in advance as this is a really newbie-tastic query!

Basically, it seems like Maya’s renderer is a bit ‘jagged’ looking even with anti-aliasing up at ‘Highest Quality’ - where as Max’s default scan-line renderer always seems to produce smooth-looking results, without any tweaking.

I don’t believe for a second that this is the best quality anti-aliasing Maya will produce. Is there a setting I need to address or a particular set-up I need to… set up?? Bear in mind I’m mainly rendering animations so I’m also trying to avoid huge render-times.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


One thing that 75% of Maya newbies don’t know, is that sometimes when you render, the image isn’t quite displayed at 100% resolution, it’s slightly smaller which makes it look jagged even though it’s not. To fix that you can either resize the Render View window to be slightly larger, and/or press the 1:1 ratio button in the middle of the Render View toolbar.


Oh and some ATI card have issues with Maya’s Render View, but when you save the image it looks fine.

If it’s not either of those problems then we’ll think about something else!


Aaahhh… I seeeeeee… (really need a “smacks palm on fore-head” smilie!)

Just tried that out and all is good and well. Thanks for that, hugely helpful of you!

I thought it was a bit weird!

Thanks again! :thumbsup:


Never knew that!!!


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