Render management


Just wanted to know if any one has used smedge and if its a good investment im on a osx goin to render out to pc boxes. any thoughts would be most help full


We used smedge before, but we see that RoyalRender is better.
So now we use RoyalRender and we do not regret.


looks good but im on a osx comp thanks


we use Deadline at work … we are using the V6 which is in beta … works great in all platforms.


In my company we used Smedge without any problem, but I personally haven’t set it up, can’t say if it was a simple task.

However at home I use Deadline on my 2 computers, it was really easy to set up and it does the job, I recommand it.


I use Deadline on OS X. Always works great and it’s free for up to two client machines.


Qube from PipelineFX


Qube for us was Very unfriendly, complicated, could not remember settings, no presets, nothing,… and the code actually broke itself during production. Not to mention extremely expensive. Updates hard to get, and when they did it was renderfarm specific updates just for us.

Smedge, Muster is so much better, but we chose Deadline and its even better.


Has anybody of you had any experience with Tractor? Long time ago I had a rather unpleasant contact with Alfred. On paper, Tractor looks quite powerfull and is affordable (depending on your setup).


We tried Deadline a few versions ago and had problems with it scaling in a larger environment. Haven’t had any of the issues mentioned with Qube. Have had great experience with their support.


I have used Qube, at DD an other places works good if you have a good pipeline programer


I use smedge. I’m not sure what else I’d need renderfarm management software to do. A lot of the stuff others offer IMO are fluff features that don’t really matter. It’s around half/quarter the price of Deadline for new and upgrade licenses.

It sets up fairly easy on linux and windows, haven’t tried macos


dmeyer Your Qube needs a considerable amount of updates.
Please don’t suggest this (qube) until you fix the basics of saving a preset. Qube doesn’t do this. Nor does it let other users load a preset.
It doesn’t exist.
The amount of problems with your software were insurmountable from start to finish.
Fix your software before suggesting it.

  1. It’s not my Qube. PipelineFX writes it.
  2. Preset saving works for us just fine.
  3. You are right there is no out-of-the-box preset upload. We’ve never needed this since artists tend to submit the same type of job over and over. This could be done pretty easily with Python.
  4. It’s unfortunate it didn’t work for you. It works great for us so just trying to present a balanced picture.


I’ve been using Smedge on 4 PCs and a Mac Pro.
I didn’t have any issues with the mixed OS situation with Smedge.
But in the end I chose to have Bootcamp and Win7 installed on the Mac.
Working with Maya is a challenge enough, and I had issues with unstable file sharing between the OSes so I decided to have one OS for all computers.
But as I said - from the Smedge side - it worked smoothly and was very easy to install.


I apologize Dmeyer, as I didn’t mean its yours. But I can’t suggest this software on my end for all the problems we have had. The actual code broke itself during renderers.
Explore output works (ctr+o) in Deadline… qube did nothing…
Presets didn’t work.
So we switched to Deadline and it works much better…


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