Render ICE Particles with Frantic Film's Krakatoa™ Renderer


Now that ICE is out I can release my plug-in for writing ICE particles to Krakatoa’s .prt format for rendering. You can download the plug-in here…

This plug-in only exports the cache format, there is no importer or loader at this moment.

Let me know how it goes, Enjoy!



Hi, Steven, I haven’t tried it yet because the softimage forum is down, but I believe this will be very very useful. Thanks for sharing.


the forum is back up, let me know how things go… i only got to do limited testing during alpha/beta cycles of xsi 7.

suggestions are welcome but i will warn you now my time is limited and will prioritize bugs over features.

i have a partitioning script in the works, contact me when your at the point you can test this script for me. once it is complete i can package it with the plug-in on the community site.

also share you work please, enjoy!


Hi thanks for the headup, sorry but I am running 64 bit version here, is it possible to have a 64bit compilation?



i will try tonight…

the plugin uses thirdparty libraries, i hope all goes well.



Thanks! Take your time. I am not in production, just exploring different possibility of ICE.



if you have XSI 32bit installed on a 64bit OS it should work fine. you can get some testing in that way before i get you the 64bit .dll


ok so i am having some issues… going to keep trying though



i am still having problems compiling this for 64 bit, a friend of mine and me looked at it tonight and both of us had no luck… if you know anyone that can read all these new linker errors i am getting and help me compile that would be super


I’d be happy to take a shot at compiling for x64 if you’d like. It looks like an interesting tool.



thanks soo much ben!

i will contact you offline…



thanks to ben we have a 64bit version of the plugin…

there seems to be problems with my 32bit version, i think i need to change my compiler settings to link statically against zlib1.dll.

if you are still listening ben, do you think you could show me where those settings are? it seems your dll you made for me was larger and i suspect that is because you are linking statically?


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