"Render Hold" or similar Script?


Hey guys i was wondering if there is a script like the old “Render Hold”

With that you can save the renders and with a slider you can switch from one render to the other in order to compare the pics, very handy but old.

Some guys know this little but strong feature when working with Maya…
There you can save every render and as an example after 10 rendered pics you have a slider and can switch from pics *1 to pic *10.

Im really piXXX off of the Max feature - the only way to compare is the
ugly Clone rendered frame Window - but after 4 or 5 of them your monitor gets messed up…

I just cant imagine that there isnt such a script…

Does anyone know ?




As far as i know - you only have a very low resolution with the
“Render Hold” script ( 370 * 200 ) and you can “only” display
Shadow/Atmospheric Effects/Image MBlur/Obejct MBlur

Any hint ,

would be much appreciated?



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