Render frame range?


Can I render a frame range from the Render settings dialog box? (i.e. “124-128”) or (“124-128, 135, 256”)

I have Core + Adv. Renderer



You can render a frame range like “124-128” thanks to Render Settings>Output>Frame>Manual but if you wants to render frames like “124-128, 135, 256” I think you must use the batch rendering : Menu Render> Batch Render…


A range can be rendered if you start CINEMA 4D with the commandline parameter

-frame from [to [step]]

Edit: Or in the rendersettings->Output simply select the from to frames you want. (why do i think of the more complicated solution first?) :slight_smile:



Thanks. I think my example could’ve been a bit clearer. I’m trying to just set up a batch of specific moments in my sequence for showing the client. It’d be nice if Maxon built in custom range ability instead of just “from-to” boxes. e.g. “20-50, 55, 94, 45-48” , but if I can get the same with a command line, good enough. I just need to do some learning on the command line syntax and launching the job.



Sign of being a true genuis ya Björn? :smiley:


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