Render Farms


Has anyone here used a render farm, and if so, which one would you recomend? Did they do quality work?


I didn’t do that. But in polish forum there was talk about

piovra project, dr queue, build net render.

There was also post about net rendering in luxrender.(but i think you are not searching info about that)

Eventually. People said that if scene is quite basic there is no problem. If in scene are particles etc there almost always have got some error.

Another man said that if you want rendering animation you can do something like that.

All computers must be in net. blender on each of them. You render to folder which is visible to all computer. You use “No override” i “touch” i Ctl-F12. Later you must go to every computer and run blender project.
He said that he had been using that trick for years.
Maybe that will be helpfull in any way:)
I do not know if you know
You can also search info there:)


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