Render farm - help needed


Hi everyone!

I’ve got 3 computers with which I wanna make a render farm, with a budget of about 600 bucks. I’ve read that it is ok to start your render farm with 2 or 3 computers. I don’t know where to start, and/or what to buy. I’m a newbie when it comes to pc assembling so I’m looking for advice and pointers… any help appreciated.

Here are the specs of the 3 computers:

  1. HP Pavillion notebook pc

Processor: intel core i5-2410m cpu @ 2.30 ghz

RAM: 4 gb

64 bits

Windows 7 home premium

  1. Dell XPS

Processor: intel core 2 duo e8500 @ 3.16 ghz

RAM:3 gb

32 bits

Windows 7 professional

  1. Dell studio 540

Processor: intel pentium dual core e5300 @ 2.6 ghz

RAM: 2 gb

Windows vista

The XPS would be the one where I do the modelling. I do architectural renders so they’re big and detailed. As of now I’m using sketchup with twilight render. I don’t think 3 pcs are enough to render videos so I’m limited to pics only.

Thanks in advance.


Since you didn’t ask any specific questions:

Buy a switch (1 gbit) // 10 - 30$
Buy 3 CAT5e patch cords // 10 $

Build a Local Arena network with your computers. Voila you have renderfarm.


i’m not familiar with either product… but doing a quick search yielded nothing related to twilight renderer and farm capability…

you may want to check with them about it… or perhaps someone here knows for sure.


what software is being used to render? do you need extra licenses?


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