render.exe crashes - "launchRender has stopped working..."


Hi guys - am in dire need of some help. Trying to batch render in maya 2018 immediately crashes the render.exe, popping an OS warning window that launchRender.exe has stopped working. It does not matter if I try to invoke a batch render from within the GUI or from the command prompt, neither does it matter which renderer I try to use. The result is always an immediate crash of render.exe. Any ideas? I did try re-installing maya 2018.2 - to no avail…


I suppose you try to render with Arnold?
If so, you should set the verbosity in the “Diagnostics” tab in the renderglobals to “Debug” and have a look at the output window. If you see any error, it may help you to find the problem. Maybe post the output here if you do not know how to interpret the info.


hey haggi - no dice, unfortunately. It is really the mere render.exe call that makes it fly off. No log file is written. I can even make it fly off by just adding the -h flag


Oh, that’s bad. I have no idea, sorry.


does the ‘Render current frame’ mode work?


Hey Wizzackr,

Do you happen to have the Laubwerk plugin installed ?


Hey silversnake - that turned out to be the problem, yep. Sorry, meant to post this here, too, in case someone runs into the very same issue. Uninstalling thew plugin fixes things until a more… er… funcional fix is in place :slight_smile: