Render Element Output paths


Why do the render Elements output paths only update when you remove them and then re-add them?

I’m constantly redoing renders as well as versioning up the folder from v01 to v02 and so on.

But It becomes very annoying to have to re-add each element just so the output path is corrrect.
Any thoughts?

  • which software ?
  • which render engine ?


3ds Max.

I create a scene with a sphere and material applied to it.
I make the main output save path C:\desktop\v01
I add the render elements, spec,diffuse, lighting.
-These elements are automatically correctly directed towards the v01 folder.
I then make a lighting change and change the main output save path to C:\desktop\v02
None of the elements update to the new path. Why is this?

  • mental ray
  • vray
  • brazil
  • final render



Doesn’t matter. It’s not dependent on the render engine. Only way (afaik)around is either deleting and recreating all elements or reassigning the paths. Both can be scripted easily.


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