Render 1 frame out of 2 or more in maya


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to ask if one of you would know if it is possible to render 1 frame out of 2 or more in maya and how to do it.
I’m using Arnold, and let’s say my render frame range is 1-100,if I only want to render frame 0,2,4,6 etc… (1 frame out of 2) or frame 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 etc… (1 frame out of 3) how am I suppose to do it please??

Would be a great help, thanks a lot and have a good day


In the rendersettings the setting is called “By Frame”.

From the docs.

By frame
The increment between the frames you want to render. By frame is only available if Frame/Animation ext is set to an option containing #. The default value is 1.