Renault Clio V6, Black Graphics (3D)


Title: Renault Clio V6
Name: Black Graphics
Country: Germany
Software: Cinema 4d

I made a Renault Clio for the new 3D Total Textures CD. The task was to use from their Beta CD as many textures, objects and materials as possible. After completion of the 3D Total project I have created the Renault according to my own ideas.
The shown renders above are my own versions.

Find the 3D Total render at:

Larger Images, WIP’s and a wire at:

In addition we made a carpaint tutorial for Cinema 4D R8.5:

THX 4 looking :slight_smile:


really nice work, I adore it

and yeah thx for the tutorial, would definetly need it, could you tell me something more about, how did you make the decals and stuff??

keep it up



wow man

cool designe :applause:


We made a tutorial for mapping decals and spronsor stickers for the 3D total Textures V8.
But hadnt the time to launch it on our website yet. We plan to post it within the next weeks.



the renault are the best car ever made…

Good rendering, nice modelisation and your texturing is sooooooo good


Excelent use of Cinema, Congrats (I like this car I have one …the street version of course)


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