Renaming controllers after setting up the constraint, couple of questions


Hi guys,
usually I leave the proper naming at the end of the rigging process, because of testing and deleting and re-doing stuff over and over (still learning).

Is it a good practice to rename the controllers after the contraint?

Because I noticed that the weight attribute takes the original name of the controller (see image below) and doesn’t update if the controller is renamed.

Also, I noticed a sort of recursive connection in the same node, what is it?



When maya creates the constraint it adds attributes to the constraint and names them the same as the source object. This is just a convenience to make things display more nicely, the real computation happens on the target connections, which is why you see an additional connection from the weight attribute to the target list. If you’re not doing anything with scripts than that probably doesn’t matter. You can physically rename those attributes on the constraint either manually or with a script if it really bothers you.

You’ll notice that the target attribute on the constraint is a multi- meaning it can have multiple inputs, unfortunately maya can’t display multi type attributes as keyable attributes in the channelbox, so in order for the user to be able to key or change the weight values in the channelBox an extra attribute needs to be created and connected to the target#] attribute, which is why you have your ‘recursive’ connection (which actually isn’t a recursive connection, it’s just a connection that happens to be connecting two attributes on the same node).


Thank you very much greatPumpkin, it does make sense finally!