Rename Window


hi all,

i want to made a window to rename window for rigging that have 4 text fields the first contain the node type the second contain the direction then the node id then the node number and there is a button to rename.

so the way this works by filling the text fields the click on rename button.

	string $nodeType = `textField`;
	string $direction = `textField`;
	string $nodeID = `textField`;
	string $nodeNumber = `textField`;

	button -l "Rename" -c "Rename($nodeTypeQ)";

	string $nodeTypeQ = `textField -q -text $nodeType`;

global proc Rename(string $name){
	string $selected[] = `ls -sl`;
	for ($sel in $selected){
		 rename $sel $name;

 // Error: Rename($nodeTypeQ); // 
// Error: "$nodeTypeQ" is an undeclared variable. //

i dont know what to do


name your controls (at least the ones you want to query later) as it makes this stuff far easier to do.

textField myUI_nodeType;
button -l "Rename" -c "Rename `textField -q -text myUI_nodeType`";

but if you did want to do it with $vars:

string $nodeType = `textField`;
button -l "Rename" -c ("Rename `textField -q -text "+$nodeType+"`");

however, because you are going to (hopefully) want to avoid errors, like having multiple objects selected, vertices? (they can’t be renamed!) or the user typing in a wrong name “1-(Bad-Name$” it may be best to make the button simply call a global proc called, say, “myRenamer” that does full error checking before querying the text fields and doing the rename…



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