Removing Spots and blemishes


Hi All
I saw a post for a tutorial (I think it was here some where here, but I cant find it now) for a method of removing blemishes and spots in photos of models like thoes taken for Vogue and Cosmopolitan magaziens. Any ideas or links greatly appreaciated. Thanks in advance


You can use stamp, patch tools or healing brush tool to remove blemish and spot.


Thanks dwin, I know I could do this the long way but I’m sure I cane accross a method that allowed me to achieve the same result using layers and chanells, maybe bluring the red chanel in some way, I dont remember.



Quite honestly I don’t know of any way faster than the healing brush for small areas. I have seen something similar to what you are talking about for monster amounts of blemishes and I think I have the Tutorial laying around somewhere. I’ll see if I can dig it up for you.


Well I came across a method one day when playing around. I call it the “stocking over the lense” effect…lol

If its a model and she has spots or something. Create an exact duplicate by dragging the layer into the new layer button at the bottom of the layers panel.

Put about a 10 gaucasion blur on it, then change the opacity down on it so the sharp lines of the one below come through, but the blur keeps the spots and such out.

I love using this affect as you can do many things to it, and the layer below and get different effects. :thumbsup:

Here’s a really quick EG:



This might help


Shmack, sorry, but that’s really not the way to do it.
What you’ve done is creating a glow and also removed every noise that was visible and blurred some of details that needed to stay sharpen and that will make the image look unnatural.

Play a bit with median or anisotropic and the patch tool in combination with some masks to protect those areas that need to be sharp.

An example to show you what I mean:


Depends what effect he wants, either can work. And sharpening the detail can be done on the bottom layer whilst a lower gaucasion blur can help also. I did this image with the above effect.

But it depends what he’s doing with the original image i guess. shrugs


And the original poster is very clear about that in the title of this thread: Removing Spots and blemishes. That doesn’t sound like asking for a glow or does it? I’m pretty sure he’s smart enough to figure out how to add a glow. :wink:


And I’m pretty sure you should stop being so stuck up, thinking you know everything and saying everyone is “wrong”.

Ever read the post rules? Try Number 1
“Be Curteous and polite. Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right.”

So rather then putting everyone’s advice down and putting your 2 cents worth in, say “or you could do this” not a “you’re wrong, do this instead” - I’ve seen your other posts in different threads and I think you’re just plain rude to be honest.

When someone, anyone, gives an example, they are never wrong.
Cus people do things differently for different effects.
There are DIFFERENT ways to take away spots and blemishes. Not only one way works.

Cyphyr can decide which one he wants to use, and if he chooses either mine, yours, or anyones, he at least has other things he can work with on different projects for different effects.

Have a nice day.


Thanks for everyones replies. I did’nt want to start a flame war, perhaps if I had checked back earlier then …
The model I’m using has some small spots (zits!) and some larger scars (where the zits poped),; its the latter areas I’m having trouble with. I think I’ll try a combination of using the healing brush (Iforgot about that one, I’d been just using the clone tool) and using masked layers with some blur
Thanks again


Good luck hun, hope ya get the result you’re looking for =)


Shmack, just fix those ugly edges of the text in the image you posted ok and we’re all happy :bounce:


Cypher - also try the patch tool, you can get some stunning results with it as well.


And if you ate my ass with a spoon we’d all be happy also.

It’s fine the way it is, and considering it didn’t take me much time at all there are alot of things that could use changing, but seeing as I have a life and that was something i did in spare time, i dont really have the time to perfect everything… Unlike yourself.

I like the fact you get off on putting other people down. Show’s what selfish characteristics you hold. I’m glad I’m not you :wink:

You really need to grow up and start respecting other people on here. They are trying to help others with things they have used. You seem to think that’s a crime.

Now be a good dog and do as your told. :rolleyes: :beer: :shrug:


Maybe you should take your own advice:

I think that while your example was an interesting one it didn’t quite fit what was being asked, it doesn’t make it a bad piece of work. Try to take that in stride when its pointed out. Also remember that this is a forum where people try to help one another. You posted a piece of work and as an example and it got critiqued, and the only comment was on the smoothness of the text. Not bad.


Doesn’t mean she has the right to be rude to people about it. It’s not only me that thinks this. Sometimes people need to be confronted about their attitudes, so they realise.

Maybe one day she will realise :wink:

Oh and i realise work on here gets critiqued. She could have made a comment like you did, that doesn’t bother me. But when she tells everyone they are wrong, no wonder people get uppidy.

It doesn’t bother me that she mentioned the text in my piece, she just could have done so in a nicer manner without being rude.

Nuff said



wow, im sorry but most people call something like this hipocracy


ps. good job on the pic, i saw a tutorial on about removing scratches on film, it might help


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