"Remove" rotation from a bone



I have the problem that i want to use rotation constraint on two bones so that one follows the other while rotating.
The Problem is that both have different rotation values so when constraining one to the other, i get a wrong rotated object.
Using Reset xform had the effect that the bones and objects are rotated back to 0/0/0 but i don’t want this.
So in fact i’m rather looking for a way to “bake” the actual rotation into the bone while keeping the starting animation?


You should be able to zero/ freeze the local transforms by holding Alt and right clicking with the object selected and hitting Freeze Transformations.


Thank you very much for your answer, but i tried this but the rotation value is still there:

Here is a pic which illustrate the problem a bit better… i want to constrain the barrel-bone to the carriage- bone, he adopts the roation, which then results in an unwanted rotation, or better it gets rotated on the x-axis, but thats not the axis i would need:

Is it possible to tell the constraint to constrain the y-axis of the barrel-bone to the x-axis of the carriage?


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