remove one color from video


Hi people.

I´m newbie here in Nuke.

Wondering how the hell can i remove some yellow shiny signs in a video , they distract the viewer. I want to , at least, bring the color down (bright yellow, which is nowhere else in the scene) so i don´t see it that shiny.

I´ve tried several methods but i don´t know how exactly people do it. What would you use for this?

Thanks a lot!


I’d go for the HueCorrect node and lower the saturation or change the hue value for the desired color range.



Well. i tried this, this should be working, but i don´t really understand this, not even reading the documentation.
I select Saturation. Then using Ctrl+alt i click on the screen where the yellow color is. It selects automatically with a yellow line the yellow zone of the spectrum.

I suppose this is the zone i have to low down, so i create a point on the courve there and move it down to the maximum. Nothing happens.

I try with luminance, what happens is that many things in the place change, but not this color.

So weird.

Thanks for all!


A curve like in the attachment would desaturate all yellowish tones.

Posting a picture of your problem/shot would help.


THANKS for the image.

I knew it was like that, i tried different aproaches, and it looks really horrible. It´s not smooth at all…

Bringing down the saturation works fine with this tone, but it turns it even more bright, i mean, white. But doing what you tell me works so bad.

What i would show you is just the same you’re showing me, that´s why i don´t updload an image…


you could also try to make a key of the yellow color with primatte and use that mask to colorcorrect your footage


Yes people. Great ideas. Thanks a lot.

I finally got it by changing the HUE that way.

thanks a lot!


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