I wanted to place something that is so ordinairy into a new context.

A (much) higher resolution can be viewed here:

painted with PSCS3 and wacom Graphire 4 tablet

Painting time: 100 hours +

Original size approx 4567 * 3307


Great idea! Simple, yet efficient… (Why am I not surprised you’re also a psychologist?)


Great concept. I really like your palette, too. Congratulations and good luck!


I like it–another one of my favorites. In light of seeing that you are an illustrator as well as a psychologist, this makes me think of a twist on a Carl Jung book title ‘Modern Man in Search of a Soil’, instead of soul.

Good luck.


This is such a good piece on itself, it would have been my favorite to win if it had the varied color palette used by Yerka. It would be nice to see some closeups specially since u made it such a hi-res.

It was a great idea and it was very well executed… good job!


Thank you so much for your kind words:)

I have looked through the other artworks and i am very impressed by quite a view;)

For those who are interested here is a (much) bigger size of my entry,
you can find it here:

Thanks again!


Love the concept! Its very different from all the others i have seen. I like that you didn’t try to copy Jacek’s work too much. You made it your own.


Whoa. This one blows my mind, conceptually.
The perspective you chose for this seems out of place for what I’ve seen of Yerka’s tho.
Nevertheless, one of my top 5 favorites.


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