Remote Work: Looking for 3Dmodlers, and 3D Animators to build our tech demo in Unreal Engine


Our team needs more hands to help us build our tech demo. As of now, there are only four of us with not enough time in the day to stay on schedule. This demo is being built by people with 9-5 jobs/other responsibilities so we are flexible/ understanding with deadlines and workloads.

We are in the process of building a tech demo that will be presented to potential funders and publishers, our goal with this demo is to showcase the core mechanics of our video game that we will expand upon once we get our funding. We plan to create around 10 minutes of gameplay along with some environmental polish to give us the highest chances of getting that funding.

Our game is a post-apocalyptic, 3rd person stealth game including an AI companion, crafting, puzzles, with a narrative to introduce players to our world. The demo itself will mainly showcase stealth, traps, shooting, puzzles, and our Hold Up system.

We need assets to be built and animations to be implemented in order to achieve this and although we can’t offer payment if all goes well, all people who contribute will be credited in a full-fledged AAA game.

Email me at if interested and I can provide more info.



I can help you out
Please reach me on skype:cis.am4 or Drop me a mail at