Remesher from developer behind ZBrushs Remesher coming to C4D soon


Just saw this in a blender related youtube video:

Exoside, the developer behind ZBrushs remesher brings his technology to other software packages:

It comes either non-comercial-perpetual (59.9 $), pro-perpetual (109.9$) or subscription (15.99$ for 3 months, or 9.99$ if you subscribe until the end of 2019).

Cinema version is planned for this month.

Not sure if this is exactly the same algorithm as in ZBrush. What strikes me about it compared to other algorithms (I have investigated this for some time since I need a remesher for our own visualization software) is that it is both quad dominant and adaptive. Most quad-dominant remeshers create quads of (more or less) constant size. Unfortunately, this is also true for Instant Meshes and quadriFlow. Quality seems better than quadriFlow in general (you can find a comparisson image here). However, this seems to be slower than Instant Meshes (just judging from available videos and my experience with the Instant Meshes stand alone).

Anyone knows if there is a paper about that algorithm? I couldn’t find anything.


I’m impressed by the hard surface examples… The edge flow looks very good and sharp.

I’m used to Zremesher, but this could come handy to avoid back and forth between the softwares.

It’s stuff like that make boolean and voxel/volumes modelling relevant again.

Thanks for the info.


This is fantastic news. EricM’s right, it’ll make using the Volume Builder method of modeling much more useful; going beyond modeling mostly for just static meshes. Thanks for sharing!


Nice. Been hoping something like this would get integrated into c4d for awhile. Use zremesher all the time.

It would have been preferable if Maxon integrated a tool like this into the native poly redcuction tool. Was hoping maybe they would have integrated the open source Instant Mesher which I use a lot as well.


Yeah, it’s nice having remesher in Zbrush, but not as nice as having it a click away in C4D. Will definitely try it out (then probably buy it).


Ah, this is great news! I’ll buy this right away. Thanks for the heads up Christian!


That is great news. Been wanting that in C4D for myself for a while now.

I made a native version of the Quadriflow plugin for R21 to see how it performs. Works for OSX and Windows. Still needs to be multithreaded and I may add CUDA support as well for windows users.