Rembrandt Copy - Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, Sam Hogg (2D)


Title: Rembrandt Copy - Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem
Name: Sam Hogg
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

A copy after Rembrandt’s Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem, this was done as part of the OFD Wroskhop in the anatomy forums here on CGTalk.

It proved to be a huge learning experience not only in the techniques of Rembrandt, but in creating textures and the subtleties of light, dark and edges.

This was all done in Photoshop CS2, exclusively with the default chalk texture brush at varying sizes, without pressure.

Some 100% closeups


Big kudos for a brilliant copy Zeph! :applause:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Amazing work, I really dig your style. 5 stars





if rambrant was alive…:eek:
he will love your work…fantastic art work …its not copy:wise:


excellent !

wow !

+5 stars !!!
Bravo !


Awsome! Such wonderful work Zeph :slight_smile:



Stars from me too. You captured Rembrandt’s work well.


amazing work. thats really rembrandt!
great way of texturing and detailling!


oh zephyri,

I love Rembrandt a lot and you captured that dark/glow duality about him so good.

wonderful copy!


Thanks for the feedback all… particularly Rebecca for making the forum such an inspiring place! gush

And I’m really happy the feedback says the style is like rembrandts, as that was my aim, to try and capture the textural quality as well as the likeness.


He’d be proud of You. :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Nice work~~~


The oil painting feeling, the extremely deep foundation, is extremely outstanding:thumbsup:


…great Rembrandt study… :thumbsup:



All I can say is- Wow!


Yeah I am also really liking this peice, you captured the feel of the original :slight_smile:

Looks very painterly :slight_smile:



awesome work sam,yet another masterpiece:)


Hoooo :eek: Excellent work, fantastic old paitning look,congratz mate :thumbsup:


beautiful work, gorgeous