remapping keyboard??


is it possible to re-map just one key on a keyboard from within windows xp?

the problem is that my new keyboard has a strange key where the left CTRL key should be. (i think it’s called a euro key but when i pressed it it took me back to the home page of this forum) as you can imagine, not having the CTRL key where it is supposed to be is slightly annoying. mostly for work application short cuts, but also for games. (e.g when playing “brothers in arms” if i press this strange key it flips the game world upside down, but not the GUI…strange)
anyway, hope someone can give e some help on this.



I’d also be very interested if you find out if this is possible - if you get a response from elsewhere I’d appreciate it if you could pass it along…




i’m not even sure if it is possible. i’ve tried a couple of remapping programs that i found from google and they didn’t work. the one mapping program had a feature where you could press a key to find what “ASCII number” it was and then remap it. but both times i tried this program the “euro” key gave 2 different “ASCII numbers” (not sure if ASCII is the right term here).

so i tried pressing the “euro” key in the 3dMax hotkey configure window. when you press it the read out changes quickly from what looks like “alt+numpad2” to “numpad0”. it’s almost as if it’s not a real key but is somehow “hacked” onto my keyboard. strange!!!

still, if anyone has any advice on this it would be much appreciated.

p.s there was one thing that i didn’t try though, and that is to just change all my hotkey settings from CTRL-n to EURO-n. hmm as long as that will work in PShop and 3dMax it probably won’t be that much of a problem.



What was the name of the program you used to rename the ASCII keys? I don’t have a euro key (A) I was just planning on remapping some of the number keys on the right, seen as I never use them - might aswell put them to some other use - I guess I should have googled too :wink:



oh right, sorry. :slight_smile:

here is a link to 1 of the programs i tried. i think it should let you do what you want to do.

hope that’s of some use.




just had another quick look through google and found this one.
it seems more of a hack than a program like the last one but it says it includes the euro key, which is better for me ( and anyone else with this problem)



Thanks Rob, the first one seems to be exactly what i’m after - i suppose the second one is too, but i’m judging a book by it’s cover - i’ll try the second if the first doesn’t work - thanks for the effort :slight_smile:


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