Reload Modifier Sets, or ability to reload .ini


Is there a way to reload, or switch modifier sets. I feel internally there must be a way as just creating a new modifier set updates it dynamically. Is there a way to do this, or do i need to delve into dialog monitorOps?


TheModButtonsSets class methods aren’t public so you have very few options.
Changing the current set should be easy, but I don’t know how to force max to reload the .ini



Yea that’s about where I was as well. I could see editing it, but not reloading it. A back end non sdk approach seems like find find the edit button based off window positions, click it, and then hit ok again, which isnt completely out of scope, but its definitely a hack. I was looking for something a little more robost


Then you need to reverse engineer 3dsmax.exe and play with one of these methods. Cause thats exactly what max does under the hood




Is that prompt from the SDK? I’ve only worked briefly with it, and there definitely was a lot of chaos.


No. This is the functions list from IDA with loaded .PDB file.
You will not find anything related to modifiers sets in sdk reference or source files. Many things in max aren’t exposed to users/developers at all, unfortunately


Sounds about right. Haha.

Thanks for the help!