relief sculpture technique


Hi, I have a relief sculpture task for which I am currently using MudBox, but I am wondering if someone with more experience might know of a method that is more effective that that which I am currently using. Here is what I am doing:

I am taking a bunch of portrait photographs (face and torso), and quickly generating relief sculptures from them. My current method is to mask and crop the image background in Photoshop, and then to bring the image into Mudbox for use as a “stencil”, which I use to raise a mesh with the sculpt tool. This is the method and the software which has given me the best results so-far, but it has some critical shortcomings such as the inability to lock the stencil to the underlying mesh (so I can’t zoom in and out as I “sculpt”. I have also tried several programs which automatically generate meshes from greyscale images, but the results were not sufficient.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Interesting challenge, I would take another look at the relief softwares. Try manipulating your images in Photoshop and try making a greyscale or increasing the contrast, try any and every way to make it easier on the software to generate the displacement.

Looking forward to hearing your progress!


Thanks! your advice has been very helpful.


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