Releasing RigMesh v1.0


I think it’s too early to think of a technology like this changing the way people work, but maybe sometimes in the future, with a much more stable and feature-rich software, yes, I’m sure it would be a technology that would inspire people to work differently.
For now, the skinning is great, but the software itself can’t be used as a modeling software, I think, because its modeling toolset is more than minimal and there is very little control over the output.
So to reply to
1: automatic skeleton creation might not fit something like… modeling a human, where you need to set joints accurately, maybe anatomically correct, but not automagically. but for having fun with simple shapes… it’s perfect. in general, I think that being able to pose the model is, indeed, very useful for a modeler. but you need to be able to work with symmetry and to have precise control over the values you input, for example… you might need to reset the rotations, to go back to the initial pose.
2:it happens, and it’s always a pain. in a very well organized production though, it shouldn’t happen too often, or at all. it totally depends on certain creative [or less creative] people who make important decisions… more often than not they don’t know what they want. :[ anyway, yes, it would be ideal to work in a non-linear fashion, generally speaking. with nowadays technology… not really possible in most case scenarios [that I can think of].


I cant understand exactly RigMesh philosophy:
wont it be possible to import OBJ files to rig in this software?
The RigMesh tools to modelling arent enough powerful to produce profissional work
and the main point imo would be to import OBJ made in another softwares
to be rigged.

No plans about that? Or RigMesh will work just opening its own models



Very cool looking tool. The drawing and shape creation is actually exactly like 3D-Coat’s voxel shape drawing tools. In fact this seems a lot like a cross between 3D-Coat’s sculpting and JimmyRig’s rigging. I’m very interested to see how I can use it in conjunction with 3D-Coat.

What would be 100% ideal, would be to use this to start a character model, bring that into 3DC for further detailing, texturing, retopo, etc, then somehow retain the rig when exporting back out.


Thinking the same thing, only about MeshMixer or Sculptris (though I do have 3DCoat). Anxious to see how well this works with Messiah and iClone…

Would even be cool if you could just export the mesh for detailing and then re-import back into RigMesh to have the rig transferred from the base mesh to the detailed mesh.

Might also be neat (though limiting) to have some kind of UVMapping auto-generated so that the models could be painted as Curvy3D allows, or something similar to Archipelis which would allow drawing the shapes over a photo with the image then applied to the created form.


You know what this would be perfect for? Running on Android. It would be a quick way to do some modeling on the go and it seems like the sketching and moving joints around seems perfect for a touch screen. It also doesn’t seem very processor intensive. There are a number of other modeling and sculpting apps I wonder if it would be difficult to port this.

Either way I hope to see an interface soon with some buttons instead of just keyboard shortcuts.


Looks interesting… I’ll see if I can find some time today or tomorrow to give a more detailed feedback. So far it seems very simple but straightforward.

FonteBoa has some good points there.



This looks amazing! Congratulations on the good work :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to check it out! Sweet!


Nice concepts ! sounds sweet, i see great potential and could be especially interesting for some simple animation art for the web. I like the base concept of drawing shapes which become 3d this means more freedom into 3D creation. :buttrock:

As other said the most important thing is being able to better edit the mesh in some way, deforming it, maybe booleans, and even working with other apps like Zbrush or 3D coat.

Production still needs optimized meshes for animation, with edgeloops good for nice deformation at the end of the process. So, through your program and/or other apps for retopology this could be made.

good possibility would be being able to also rig pre-existing models, with quad mesh optimized for deformation.
Last thing would be being able to work with multiple object , to rig complete characters with eyes, accessories, clothes…:slight_smile:


This tool is just awesome !!

One thing could be useful : merging with only moving one joint instead of the whole mesh (does it make sense?)

I do not manage to have jpg in the window background. Is there an issue?

Congrats !


We would like to thank all the artists for their time and kind comments. We are currently very busy, but we will still keep maintaining and updating the RigMesh software. Let us know if you have any further comments/suggestions or if you found some bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

-RigMesh Team


Could you bring an existing character into this program for rigging?

Guessing not, but it could be neat!

Looks fantastic. Will have to give it a go.


I have been playing with Rigmesh and I have 2 problems at the moment, need a little help.

1/ When SHIFT DELETING to get rid of a part of the bone I do not need Rigmesh crashes every time, deleting an object is no problem just the selected part of the model this happens.

2/ When I create a mesh I get the bones, but I have noticed that sometimes the end of a bone sticks out the end of the mesh, I have worked out how to scale the bone so it is back inside of the mesh but haven’t found a way to scale the mesh itself if I want to make it bigger, can that be done?

Thanks in advance


I think I have found a bug in the SHIFT DELETE function, every time I try to delete a part of the bone Rigmesh crashes, deleting a mesh is no problem just the SHIFT DELETE function.

Also is there a way to scale up part of the mesh?
Thanks in advance


Would love a mac option down the road, any plans?


I second that.

or maybe an ipad version?

An app like this (that’s stable) would be huge for iOS.

All us artist what is stable.

Being stable should be 100% of your focus. The concept is clearly great and needed. But concept is nothing without execution.

So many tools like this come and go cause us artist try it and it crashes and we never use it again.


I’d take a buggy mac version over no mac version :wink:


Hi rigmesh, your program looks promising.

To use it with a Humanoid in Unity, which workflow do you recommend? Where to set the root?

Solid Circles are the required bones, dotted circles are optional:


Very intuitive platform and very easy to create 3d shapes.
If you add some color and texture options I will be great online casino


I would hope to see some applink or GOZ support for this some day soon. It’s great for rapidly building and posing basic shapes. I’ve also seen that there has been success animating after some minor fixing in iClone in their forum. If there were symmetry modes and some method of decently detailing and texturing without breaking the rigging… I as an artist rather than an animator would be fairly happy with this concept.

I do agree with others that it could use an actual intuitive interface as opposed to just a list of keyboard shortcuts. Although, once learned keyboard shortcuts are nice. I was thinking that a tabbed interface perhaps one for sketching… one for posing/rigging modification/joining operations. Maybe one for rudimentary sculpting and texturing.

Although not necessarily professional; this technology might have a rather large audience with Poser and Daz Studio users if the rigging were made compatible and models easy enough to import especially with some refinements in the ability to produce more detailed results.

I like the snapping for joining rigging node to node, but I think it might be better to manually connect in some cases by drawing in the desired bone. I also noticed that bones sometimes protrude usually from narrow extrusions, and do not stretch/deform the mesh but simply poke through when extended. Is this behavior intentional? I for one think it would be nice if the rigging always remained inside the mesh and could be used for deformations.

Anyhow, keep up the amazing work, I have never seen an easier way to rig, and if you take it in the right directions, I think there is probably a large potential market awaiting it. Right now it’s fun to play with though.