Release Date


Has anyone heard anything more on a Silo release date. It seems like the competition is catching up. By the time we get a Silo 2.0 release all the the cool new stuff will be old news. I see Eovia has announced Hexagon 2.0 which is slated to be released April/beginning March. Very impressive stuff offered.


Indeed I hope nevercenter releases 2.0 pretty soon. They talked about a march release back in december, if I am not mistaken.


We changed our release date to “spring” after we didn’t get it out in time for the end of the year. The only reason we’re that vague is because we can’t predict any better than that. The competition is certainly heating up though :]. I guess like always we’ll have to rely on our workflow to set us apart…


Definatly interesting time for modelers, but even if other apps have 3d painting and what not Silo has the best workflow. I love Silo and the other applicaitons are nice as well, they all have a place in my workflow. Keep on crackin’ JC! :slight_smile:


Why post a Hex release date in a Silo forum???

Silo’s workflow is why I’m here, for all the fancy bits Hex offers I have ZBrush…

The modelling apps are taking over, Silo, ZBrush, Hex, Modo all have updates coming…


over at the silo forum, it was just posted that around late spring is still the planned release time.


will there be any surprises that we haven’t yet heard about, in v2.0? :slight_smile:
really looking forward to it…



late spring could be may 2006…not too far away really.


sounds good:)


indeed it does


This Hexagon 2 looks great, Modo 2 looks great, and Silo 2 looks great too.
April and may are going to be crucial months, I’ll try all the demos before making up my mind.

And what about Zbrush 3 ?? (or 2.5) it’s been at least 2 years of dev since 2 came out, they must have some nice surprises under their sleeves.


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