Release date for Kinect v2 apps


After many months of development and beta testing the time has come for an official announcement.

November 1st will be the release date of the new Brekel Pro Pointcloud 2 and Pro Body 2 applications.
Both have been rewritten from the ground up specifically for the new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and make use of its boost in data fidelity & quality.

More info here at

You can still sign on for the Beta in October, after that there will be free Trial versions.



any videos??
Especially interested in the improving quality in (realtime) mocap.



Videos and sample files will follow soon.

The v2 data is definitely more stable than the v1 data, due to the higher fidelity depth data available. (per-pixel in v2 vs per-cluster in v1)
This also allows for more accurate rotation calculations.

The skeleton now has more anatomically correct joint positions, especially for the hips, and now tracks 25 joints instead of 20.

Field of view has increased from 57°hor 43°vert to 84°hor 54°vert

The v2 can track up to 6 people where the v1 can only track 2, but to be honest it’s questionable how useful this is in regards to amount of space to move freely in front of the camera.

And besides that my internal algorithms and skills have also much improved over the years :slight_smile:


Superduper! :bounce:
Nov 1st, $140, challenge accepted.


Slightly OT, but do you know if there’s a hardware/driver difference between the kinect V2 for XBOX ONE and the Kinect V2 for Windows apart from the power adapter?

With V1, there was a different set of drivers. But now it seems you can just buy a simple adapter (50$) and MS says it works the same…

I’m asking because some people sell second-hand XB ONE versions cheap…

Edit : Also, still a no go on Win 7?


Well I can’t say for sure as I haven’t gotten an adapter myself and don’t have any official information from Microsoft.

The Xbox One and Kinect for Windows v2 sensors look identical from the outside except for the logo.
While being a pre-release developer, the drivers automatically updated the firmware if needed.
I have not found indications in the SDK that there is a functional difference.
When briefly testing with my XBox One connected to the adapter that came with the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor everything seemed to function properly, oh and it still worked when plugging back into the Xbox One btw.

But I can’t make the official conclusion to make you purchase one or the other.

Regarding Windows 7:
The Kinect v2 drivers need the completely rewritten USB 3.0 stack from Windows 8/8.1 provided by Microsoft.
With Windows 7 USB 3.0 support was left to the manufacturers and high bandwidth devices prove to be too unstable.


Thanks for the info.

Well being still on 7 for now, no access to V2 for me then… maybe later down the road if I upgrade to Win10.


that sucks since win8 is a total VFX noGO… fu**cking microshit

A question regarding the pointcloud tool. Is it possible with that tool to scan static enviroments? So use the kinect as a handscanner…


Actually the core of Win8 is more stable than Win7.
It’s just that the stupid Start menu replacement has killed the adoption rate, which is why MS is reintroducing it in the next Windows version.

With something like Classic Shell the Win8 GUI is the same as Win7.

Pro PointCloud is not meant for scanning static objects, there are many other good apps for that already which hopefully soon also support the v2 sensor.
It’s meant for 30fps full motion pointcloud recording and converting to mesh- and particle-caches.


That’s a shame - I guess it will have to wait for a new laptop win10 combo…


Note that you can always install Win8/8.1 on a USB drive using the Windows To Go functionality and simply boot of that.


Cheers - good to know!


my new pc has windows 8 and classic shell…I’ve had no issues with running 3ds max 2008 64bit, 3dsmax 2015, modo 701 or blender 2.71…even combustion 2.0 is fine :slight_smile:

classic shell makes it ‘windows’ again.


Trials and example files are now available:
Brekel Pro Body 2
Pro PointCloud 2