Relax in edit UVW in max 5?


I think someone has mentioned here that there’s going to be a relax tool in Edit UVW in max 5. I can’t find it anywhere.


me2. heard something about “AutoFlatten UVW” or
something like that, but i can’t find it :frowning: Would be
very cool, because I hate UVW-Unwrapping it’s a pain!


the relax is in there, but with no interface (:shrug: ) so you can access it through maxscript (:shrug: ) apparently it was added last minute…

Someone has written a script to expose it already I think its called UVW relax 1.0 - have a look on scriptspot.


If not, you always can use Burnett( script to unwrap physically the mesh, apply relax modifier to it and save the uv coordinates to the unflattened mesh


You’re the man, Chris. Thanks. It was written by Martin Coven.

Now, I can’t figure out a way to put it in the UI properly. I prefer not to use quads and menues. Is ther a way to stick it next to the move, rotate etc tools in the Edit UVWs window? Sorry, this may be too much to ask. I guess I can stick it in a menu.

I’ll check footools, too.
[edit] I think relax in the editor works differently than the modyfier on the 3d object, although I haven’t tried it yet.


Ohmygod!!! It’s working, its working!!! Umm… Sorry for that. If you map characters go and get this plugin. It’s not magic but it’s pretty damn good.

You activate it once and then you get this box that just sits there with a couple of settings and whenever you feel like you click on the “relax” button. Just great.


you can put it into the UVW Unwrap menu, just go into customize -> menus, change the right hand drop down menu to ‘UVW unwrap menu bar’, find the correct category for the relax & drag it into the UVW menu somewhere… :thumbsup:


Thanks, I’ve done that and also the quad. I was afraid that it would be something I have to do every minute and I hate using menues and rightclicks too often. I like toolbars. But this thing just stays open once you activate it. Thanks again, Chris.


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