regular particle emission from my primitive disc?


Hi there again everyone,

quick question - I’ve attached an image for the kind of thing I want to do with my particles as trying to describe after the 4day wkend of beer drinking that was me sisters wedding would be a bloody nightmare!! :slight_smile:
is there a way to get an emitter to emit my particles regularly as in fig.B (below). At present they only emit like fig.A :frowning:



reet - after a bit of snouting thru the manuals - apparently I have to check the ‘stratified emission’ checkbox under my PEmitter1_emission/distribution menu and turn the emitter from point emission to surface.

problem is - it doesn’t work :frowning:

anyone any more ideas on getting this to work - its really flummoxed me!!


anyone know any thoughts on this at all? That strat emission thingy aint working :frowning:


It says this in the manual:

and my understanding is that I’d get this with the emission turned to random (its photoshopped by the way :D)

but instead I get this apology :frowning:

can anyone please please shed some light on this.

thanks in advance


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