Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi me name is Leon Cruz, I am a grad student of USC’s Cinematic Arts program. I’m not much for story telling, but I am hella technical when it comes to 3d. I can rig, model, light, texture, render, sculpt and animate in key frame and motion capture. Looking forward to learning some new tricks of the trade.



Hi there!
I’m April Martin, a freelance 3d artist from Texas. I’ve been working as a freelance prop maker for the past few years, but want to get more involved with the digital side of things. I’d love to use the knowledge from this course to help get into the game industry and figurines/collectibles.


Hi. My name is Richard Rosa and I’m a freelance artist. I like to try different things and forever learn so I’m very excited about this course.


Arthur Ângelo, Designer 3d on PUGA studios.


Greetings! My name is Sidharth and I am a beginner in learning 3D. I doubt a beginner like me can follow up on this upcoming course but I would like to give a shot. :slight_smile:


Hi there! My name is Magda Olchawska and I’m a graduate 3D artist from London, trying to break into industry :slight_smile:


Hello there !

I’m Benjamin Boy, 3D generalist working in the game industry. I wish to learn a lot from this course and I hope to go through it with great pleasure !


Thanks for sharing the course, Omar! I’m Sinyee, a lighting and compositing artist from Malaysia, currently working in South Australia :smiley:


Hi I’d like to register and introduce myself: Farahad, D’Souza, freelancer. I’m looking to improve my character creation skills as I haven’t had much experience in this area. Thanks !


Hi there,

My name is Vadim, I’m a 3D Art/Modeling/Animation student and I just started to work in gamedev industry


Hi there!
My name is Daryna Soloviova, I’m a student for Computer Science degree. Really eager to learn everything about character creation process!


Hello, I’m Fredy Rivera 3D artist from Colombia.


Hi! My name is Alina. I am student. I am interested in 3D modelling.


Hello there! I’m Murad, from Tyumen, Russia. Work in small VFX studio as a 3d designer and do everything from modeling to simulations.
I love challenges and characters. So this course is a good chance for me.


Hello, my name is Julia Schurova, I’m from Ukraine. Looking forward to course, it will be a big step for me, and for my skills. Thank you very much!


hello my name is Angie Rubiano , im 3d generalist junior, I am happy to start this course.


Hello everyone!

My name is Anastasia Zasimenko and I’m a student from Russia. I’m just starting to learn 3d, so I hope that in this course I will learn a lot and improve my skills.

Thank you!


Hello. My name is Andy Shishkin. 26 y.o. from Russia. Interesting in create cool characters and animating them but now don’t have any experience with it. Hope your course help me and give me a kick ass))) I want to create) Thanks


Miked, animator and educator.


Hello all, I’m Rafael Hildebrandt and I’m from Brazil, I worked in a small studio for a year doing all kinds of stuff, from 2D to 3D Modelling, but I was just starting so couldn’t find the proper way of learning. After a year now I know what should I pursue and this course will be really good to improve my skills in modelling and rendering.
Thx to all and let’s create something.