Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hi there!
I’m Dmitry. I learn 3d for props and creatures creating.


Hi guys. I’m Joao, from Portugal and I’m a 3d ArcViz artist, and i’m willing to explore new fields in 3D world.


Hi there my name is Nelson Lima from Bolivia, im freelance and love to learn about 3d and art. Thanks to the teacher and the community for the support, lets enjoy this!


Hi there, my name is Ariel Fore and I am currently a student at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School in Orlando. I have a big interest in the modeling and texturing, so I am really looking forward to this course.


Hello everyone. My name Tatiana Kosolapova, I’m from Russia. Currently working as a 3d modeler. Want to improve myself as much as I can.


Hi there, I’m Daria Sherstneva from Russia, I’m junior 3d-artist.


Hi there! My name is Vitalii Ivanin and I now am working as a project manager at gamedev studio. I always wanted to make something cool with my own hands, so I’ve already started learning Blender, and now I want to look through ZBrush and character making pipeline.


My name is Anna, I’m animator from Russia


Jessika Craig, student at Academy of Interactive Entertainment :slight_smile:


Heya Im Katie Mutton, I’m a student studying 3d art at AIE, Melbourne. I’m close to graduating and becoming a junior artist, and hopefully scoring a job in the industry one day. I need to learn as much as I can. Looking forward to this!!


Hi. Alexander Smirnov here) I’m 3d military vehicles artist wanna to learn something new)


Hi I am Hossam , I am a 3D Genarlist and looking to push my skills


Hi all,

My name is Steven Bindley and I’m a freelance lighting_compositing artist in Montreal, Québec. I work mostly on CG animation features movies. I also worked on Shadow of the Tomb Raider as senior lighting artist on cinematics. I’m interested in learning Look Dev tools and pipeline.
See you soon!


Hello Everyone. My name is Siarhei. I am 3d artist living in Belarus.
Hope to get into cg society and learn new skills.
See you soon!


Hello, my name is Julia, I’am a freelance 3d archviz artist from Saint-Petersburg. Looking forward to know more about professional character creation pipeline.


Hello, my name is Jimmy Pease. I am currently an independent game developer. I went to school for gaming and simulation with a heavy focus on programming but I have since shifted my main focus to 3d art. I’m looking forward to taking this course.


hi, my name is Pavel, i am 3d artist in my free time and compositor as professional… looking forward for some new workflow, tips and tricks :slight_smile:


hi everyone! i’m Kate Vesnova from Ukraine. I’m junior 3D-artist, so I’m completely open to any interesting and new information. I hope to make the most of the course)


Hello, I’m Daria Suschenko, student.


Hello, My name is Javier González, Im from Monterrey, Mexico, Im looking forward to this course i love learning different methods and pipelines for character creation!