Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hello, my name is Giovanny Robayo and I am a graphic designer and 3d generalist freelancer, I´m glad to participate in this course to improve my skilss and knowledge


Numan, Farooqi, 3D artist, Wana learn more


Robin Dees, Student


Hello Friends!
My Name is Pedro Ragazzi, I am a UX and Graphic Designer from Brazil. Looking forward to participate in this with you all! Thank you very much for the Workshop, Omar!


Greetings. I’m Daniel Liu. A student in Hong Kong.


Hello guys!
My name is Wesley Sales, i’m a student and work with Zbrush, Blender 3d and Photoshop.


Hi everybody, I’m Skai. I’m new to 3Dmodelling and hope I can learn from all of you


Hi guys,

I’m Nghia Lam. A 3D Technical Artist. Hope that we can have a wonderful time learning and creating.


Hi guy, My name is Ricky Paul Marwein. I’m a student studying B.Voc in animation . And i love to see more from here and approach new ways of character creation and feed my brain.


Hello There!
I’m Alessia Gabriele, I’m currently finishing high school in Italy and I hope to attend this course as I’d like to begin a career as 3D modeller.


Hi guys

I’m Chris. I am a self taught 3D artist. I was a web developer planning to shift a career in 3D industry. I want to imporive my art skills. Thank you


Hi there ,
My name is Concha de la Rosa, I`m Character artist and I saw this course yesterdeay, so I’m late, I’m in a hurry and I have to get to work. Personally, this course seems like a luxury and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.


hello everyone, my name is Duarte Perdigão and I’m a freelance 3D artist.

I had started posting assignments, and just now realized, that I didn’t introduce myself here… I apologize about that :slight_smile:


Hello, I am a motion graphics editor and interested in 3d character modeling. I hope to learn a lot from this course and get my creative gears running again! Also, I want to contribute to everyone’s progress and give useful feedback if I can.


Hey There. My name is Christopher. Im currently graduating from The Animation School in South Africa and I’m really looking towards becoming a 3D Grooming artist. So any form of education towards that is great!


I’m Sergio Pérez. I work as 3d artist making principally 3d architechtural visualization for Faus International Flooring and as freeelance 2d/3d illustrator since 2008. Long time since I do my last character work, so I’m really excited to put my hands on this course.


Hello, my name is Tomasz Ostroga, I’m 3d enthusiast, I work in automotive but I feel in love with 3d after i saw zbrush capability, I try to learn zbrush, maya and substance painter in spare time. And this awesome course seem to be great opportunity.


Hi, I am Panayiotis Kyriakou, and I am a software engineer and 3D generalist working in a research center.


Hi there! My name is Joseph Mureithi, from Nairobi, Kenya. I’m pretty new to 3D but I’m loving what I’ve learned so far. I’m really interested in Character design and development, so this course seems like an excellent fit.


Hello, cgsociety!

I’m Ionut Calaretu, freelance 3d character artist & TD, from Bucharest, Romania and I’m excited and curious about this project! Great idea, anyway :smile: