Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, Omar Hesham


Hello everyone! My name is Isabella Martinez. I’m a 3D Character Artist currently working on my portfolio, will be graduating in December from my 3D modeling degree in Academy of Art University. I love to keep learning so I want to take part of this class :blush:


Hi , my name is Dave and I have been out of the industry for about 7 years , but I keep up with current tech and software.

I am looking forward to brushing up on character modeling and learn some new techniques


Hello, My name is Sharon Wong and I’m a amateur wanting to learn more.


My name is Reuben McGill. I studied Maya in school, but right now it is a hobby. I have too many small children right now, but I still love this stuff. I would love to make this my career one day.


HI everyone, thank you omar-H for this course and this contest :slight_smile:

i’m sebastien greck and i’m a freelance 3d artist… i will take the time to participate to your contest :slight_smile:


Hi there. My name is Jose Terroba. I’m a 3d generalist and I’m very interested in your course. It looks very usefull.


Hello my name is Ash Kubesh Freelance 3D Artist, I’m always interested in watching another artist’s workflow.


Hi! My name is Jaime Huete, I’m studying audiovisual communication at university, but I’m learning 3d animation and modeling by myself. Thank you for this opportunity to learn! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is César Souza, I’m a 3d animator from Brazil


Hi, my name is Dan Garcia, I’m a 3d character artist from La Paz - Bolivia. My goal is to work as a character artist and look dev artist someday and contribute to a big screen feature animation production.


Hello. I hope this goes into the right place… I’m Stanley Huang, and currently I’m a student. Really excited for these lectures. Looking forward to seeing amazing work from everyone.


Hi my name is Anas Qasem I am from Kuwait
I am gamedev, so at this cource I wish to obtain new skills in zbrush and pipeline at all.


Hello Everyone,
Iam Rajarajeswaran from India & iam a VFX artist ,looking to expand my 3d skills in characters ,


Hello, my name is Giovanny Robayo and I am a graphic designer and 3d generalist freelancer, I´m glad to participate in this course to improve my skilss and knowledge


Numan, Farooqi, 3D artist, Wana learn more


Robin Dees, Student


Hello Friends!
My Name is Pedro Ragazzi, I am a UX and Graphic Designer from Brazil. Looking forward to participate in this with you all! Thank you very much for the Workshop, Omar!


Greetings. I’m Daniel Liu. A student in Hong Kong.


Hello guys!
My name is Wesley Sales, i’m a student and work with Zbrush, Blender 3d and Photoshop.


Hi everybody, I’m Skai. I’m new to 3Dmodelling and hope I can learn from all of you