Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


My name is Stephanie Anaryu. I am a 3rd year student at the American University of Nigeria (AUN). I am Communications and Multimedia Design Student with a concentration in Multimedia Design. I fine enough in 2D drawing and using illustrator for 2D work but lack skills in 3D art, painting and Photoshop. course looks like a good way to improve those weaknesses and artistically in general.


Hello, my name is Brianna Houser. I’m a student who’s looking into game design. I love creating and painting characters but backgrounds have always been a struggle so I’m hoping this can help me a bit.


Hello, my name is Matt. I am currently an illustration student interested in learning to create concept designs for characters and environments. I am still new to both but I am interested to learn as much as I can and am excited to benefit from this course.


Hi there!
My name is John Jahan-Tigh and I’m a highschool student looking to apply to Artcenter for Entertainment Design. :smiley:


Hi! I’m Daniel Cotta and I am a beginner self teaching studet of drawing and digital painting from Brazil.


Hey! My name is Vincent and i have been practicing digital painting (especially scenery) for a while now.
I would love to be part of this course to learn tips and tricks, and enhance my painting skills. This is an opportunity i don’t want to miss!


Hey, my name is Nadia Hurianova.
I’m an illustration student at the National Technical University of Ukraine.
This a great opportunity to learn new software, thank you!


Hi my name is David Celeste. I am a recent graduate and looking forward to getting into the animation industry. I love creating characters and environments in both 3D and 2D. I am very much looking forward to your class.



My name is Meghan Tankersley and I’m currently an Art + Design student at North Carolina State University. My career aspiration is to be an environmental concept artist in the Video Game Industry. I’m really excited to take this course. I’ve never used Corel Painter before, but I have experience with Photoshop and my primary program is Medibang Paint Pro. My tablet of choice is currently a Wacom Create.
From the course I hope to learn more about environmental composition, design, and painting techniques to be used in the field.

Have a lovely day!


Hi. My name is Tatiana Beznosko.
Currently I am a student in graphic design field.
I am not a professional in drawing, but I like to do it and looking forward to learn some new interesting things :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan Munro, a 2D artist. I’m terrified of drawing landscapes and environments and I’m using this opportunity to try to level up.


Hellow… my name is SATRIA FERNANDO FROM INDONESIA, i am a Self taught artist.

i hope i can learn how to paint with from this opportunity


Hi, my name is Yevgen Kolesnichenko. I am a project manager. In my free time I draw and try to improve my skills.


Hi Jamie Oakley here, freelance motion designer and 3D generalist but also looking to broaden my art and design horizons. A bit late to the game but looking forward to take a look see


Hello, my name is Alar Lilleväli and i am from Estonia. I study animation in the university and i am currently looking for some profesional help for drawing backgrounds. I have been drawing entire my life, making up stories and characters was the thing i loved the most. Right now I am lacking the inspiration and i hope to find it again with your help :slight_smile:


Has anyone seen if he’s posted a lecture 2


Hi, my name is Salma Mohsen. I’m currently working as a 2D concept art and matte painting I’m looking forward at a chance to hone my skills in 2D Concept environment and 3D Matte Painting


Hello there 3d fellas, my name is Oscar Sanchez, I finished 3d modeling/texturing degree and now I’m freelance (poor). I love 3d and 2d art and I want to improve and work as artist.


Emilie Francis, environment concept artist, and this is a great opportunity to learn!


Hey, I’m Jennifer Stanley and I’m a beginner artst,im just looking for a challenge and some fun