Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi! I’m Jan, student, and thankful for the opportunity!


Hi everyone! My name is Sam Bera, I am a beginner concept designer, I have been self educating for 4 years now, I am going to apply to some studios at the beginning of next month. I am really looking forward to learn from David!


Hello My name is David Ruiz, I’m a freelance artist


Greetings! My name is Jessica T., a student from San Jose Statue University studying animation/illustration. I’m still deciding the concentration between 3D modeling or Visual Dev. My dream is to work in the video game studio.

I’m currently focusing on the basic foundational skills to catch up with other skilled classmates.


Hello David and Everyone,

My Name is Carl from Sweden or actually just Carl and I live in Sweden. I´m a hobby game creator trying to do all the things games needs to have with a couple of my friends.

The name is Carl Linné btw.


My name is Mauricio Caicedo Alvarez, self emplyed graphic designer and illustrator doing some painting and sculpting in my free time


Hi Guys! My name is Marco, I’m Software Engineering but I like ilustration and digital art!


Hello my name is Nina Schultz Im a hobby artist looking to improve my skills and eventually quit my regular job to be able to freelance full time :slight_smile:


My name is Mushthakh Ahamed. CG and VFX Generalist . Currently working as a Layout artist in Omens Animation Studio. I love creating environments using photo manipulation and sometimes in 3D. The only skill that i lack is Environment sketching art. I feel maybe if i learn this rest of my skill on 3d will be more detailed .


I’m Alicia, freelance illustrator and game artist. I specialize in character art but I’ve wanted to learn environment design for a while so this course is a great chance to learn from someone who really knows what they’re doing!
Hope we all have fun and learn lots!


Hi, my name is Aimo. I’m currently working as an Environment Artist in Italy. Good to see an awesome tutorial, in Corel Painter, from a great artist. Cheers!


Hi everyone,
I’m Marina Cecan , student ,Berlin.Very exited to learn more and thank you for the opportunity!


Hi David,
I m Gemma Borriello and I m writing tou from Italy. I d like to call me ‘artist’, but no. I ve been studying photography and drawing for an year and the main probpem is self-confidence… noone has never loved art in my family so i have a degree that I hate. I d like to manage to create ehat my mind imagine… i feel better looking at pictures, drawing… Now I m ready to improve woth your opportunity*-* hope to be strong enough


Hi all, I’m Satya working as freelance artist, excited to learn more about environment design.


Hi, my name is Devin Nunez and I am a 20 yr old student studying digital illustration at Montclair State University. Thank you for offering this class! Huge inspiration.


Hi there! My name is Kostas I am a freelancer illustrator and a game designer! I am looking forward for the lectures


Hi, my name is LeAnn Keevis. I am looking to improve my art, and am looking forward to the lectures. Sorry for the late sign up! Just saw it on my social media today.


HI Folks,

Hari here, working as a Software developer for my 9 to 5 and amateur artist at nights. Been struggling with getting environmental art basics and concepts . Now is a good time as any i guess :slight_smile: Cheers and all the best to all of you :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Monika Bullova from Slovakia. I work in IT but would love to switch to digital art eventually. So,I am total newby with digital art but something I want learn for a long time . Just so this on wacom fb page . Looking forward for learning working in painter and improve my art.


Hi everybody! Nice tonmeet you guys! :smiley: my My name is Martha Escobar. I’m an architect and freelance Illustrator. Also I’m kind of new on these things about forums, so I really don’t know if replaying here counts as enrolling, I really hope it does :sweat_smile: so please if any kind soul could guide me … I would be really, really grateful!

I’m looking forward to learn a ton and improve like 200% my skills.