Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi, my name is Wesley Nakaoka, student, currently studying to become a concept artist


hi, my name is felipe paz, i want to learn and improve my skills like a illustrator because a i want to be a professional illustrator and concept artist in the videogames world :smiley:


Hi my name is Gavin Jones and i’m a student ant the University of South Florida


Hi! My name is Jonathan Stratis. I’m graduated as a Computer Scientist, and am currently working as a programmer for a small start up in CO. I only recently started getting into art so that I can start working on personal projects rather than working a relatively dull job.


Hi, nice to meet you all.
I am Sinyee Loke a 3D lighting and compositing artist who love stunning environments. I am joining this class to strengthen my art sense and composition but at the same time, I like to paint during free time.


Hello! My name’s Monica and I’m an illustrator studying 2D animation! I love doing visdev and backgrounds!


Hello, my name is J.R.R. Harlequin. You can just call me J.R… I’m a 3D modeler and concept artist. I have been working as a freelancer/contractor for the past 6 years. I’m currently creating content for tech companies that specialize in VR and AR applications. I look forward to learning from David and getting to see everyone’s work here.



Hi There!
My name is Alex. I am a 3d Generalist mostly doing freelance works at ELEMENTFXSTUDIO. Atm I am in a process of changin my work direction and heading towards concept art and more idea generating / creative types of work.
I see the course as a good chance to nail down some aspects (such an Ideation and composition) I am weak with.
Thats why I am here.


My name is Fiona Gundermann, I am a Game Design student with a focus on Game Art and currently a trainee at an indie game studio, where I create 2D Artworks, UI and VFX. I’m looking forward to this course!


Hello I’m Gerry a student at graphic design course trying to know about concept art accidentally pick an interest in the environment design


Hi! My name is Ridell Apellanes and I’m currently taking Classes at Brainstorm in Burbank. Currently focusing on developing my environment design skills so I’m looking forward to seeing your process and everyone’s work!


Hi everyone! My name is Quique Garos, and I’m quite new at art, being struggling a bit with environment design and architecture so I’m hopeful that this class will clear some things for me! Thanks for the class David!


Hi. :slight_smile:

My name is Apo Kyra. I am self-learning Environment Concept Artist - and is currently an Illustration Student. I graduated as an Interior Designer but my true passion lies for creating worlds for games, films or animations. Looking forward to this course and seeing everyone’s work! Cheers.


Hi my name is shatayja cooper I’m a freelance animator and 3D enviornment modeler


Hi, my name is Alex Clark, I’m a freelance illustrator and concet artist from England.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Taylor Clark (soon to be Hunter) and I am an Animation Student at Full Sail University. I can’t wait to learn some industry skills in this course and look forward to seeing what I can create.


Hi, my name is Kayla Victor! I’m a junior at California State University, Fullerton and I’m majoring in Illustration! I have really poor environmental design skill and I am so excited to actually get a chance on how to actually do environmental design!


Hi, my name is Marina Yu. I am a CG artist. I just started my career, but I want to develop my skills and be better.


My name is Georgios Kaskaneas and I am currently an animation student in Falmouth University UK! I hope to work in the industry as a 3D character artist but I would like to know more about composition and painting environments since its something that I am also thinking of following.


Hi! my name is Sian Fouracre an animation and vfx student at Falmouth Uni, UK, cant wait to learn some new skills and improve my art!!