Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi everybody! My name is Alyssa Minko, and I’m a senior in the Film & Animation program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I mainly focus on modeling and texturing of environments. This past summer I was a 2018 Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) Intern, and I’m looking forward to using this course to expand on some of the skills I gained this summer! I’m hoping to learn more about designing environments in a way that will enhance my modeling and texturing chops, and overall help me become a more well-rounded environment artist prepared for the film & animation industry. I’ve always been a fine artist and illustrator, but I’m excited to see how illustration, painting, and CG merge together over these next few weeks!


Hullo Hullo,
Call me Gael, I’m a young illustrator getting her BFA with a big interest in Entertainment art, from video games to film, comics, children books…anything that can tell a story. Instead of an illustrator I would call myself an aspiring visual storyteller. I am in the middle of my last full semester at college, so I do not know if I can keep up with the hmwk, but I’ll do my best to learn as much as I can through this course, it’s free, its awesome, there is no reason not to right?


Hi folks, my name is Gregory. I’m study Design but really enjoy and want to focus in questions about, illustration, concept art and paleoart. I love environment design, love the nature and painting. Thanks for the opportunity! Greetings from Brazil!


Hi, my name is Tatyana Eremenko. I’m a hobbyist 3d character modeller and I want to learn environment design to make cool backgrounds for my characters.


Sharon Austin, Beginner, Self-study

Hello David,

I’m interested in the environment design course in order to get better at story-telling as I feel that understanding the fundamentals will improve my skills. So far, I’ve worked on portraits in the past mainly and am very keen to learn more.

Thank you for the opportunity.


Hello My name is Alesssndro Ballabio., 21 years old.I am studying 2D Animation at University. I wish to take this class to improve my environment skills since it`s one of the thing that I lack the most. I hope to meet a lot of new people and learn a lot.


My name is Elena Golubeva, I’m concept-artist at GameGarden (Moscow). I am really interesting in environment design and in love with David Harrington’s stylized environments and props :wink:
Thanks for this oportunity!


Hi my name is Sebastián González, im a student of digital media in bogotá Colombia and i want to be part of this amazing yourney called concept art and ilustration.

Thank you very much for this opportunity :smiley:


Hi All

I am Graham Brown and am a hobbyist. I am looking forward to learning about environment design


Hi everyone, my name is Samuele Biondi. I’ve taken a Videogame General Artist course at Nemo Academy and graduated a few months back. I’m currently building my first portfolio as a 2D concept artist.


Hi, new here just checking to see if this works.


Hello! My name is Jennifer Doherty. I’m currently a student studying Games Art and would really like to develop my 2d skills


Hi I’m Ting! I’m a student studying in the UK and I’m super excited for this! Looking forward to beginning hehe


My name is Calvin Messinger, I am an aspiring industry artist and Im excited to learn from an industry professional!


Hello everyone, my name is Sophie Hermele.
I am a student and quite new to digital art, but i have a passion for creating and love to learn new things. i can’t wait to try out some environmental design!


Hello! My name is Maggie Wehler and I am a first year in 2D animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
I have a little experience in digital art but Im excited to learn more!


Hi! I’m Gustavo Serrano, graduated at Advertising School in Brazil, currently working as Freelancer illustrator. I’m seeking to develop my skills with your classes and the community!


Hola! My name is Angelica Agelviz, animation student at Rochester Institute of Technology! I would love to learn more about environments to enhance the backgrounds and compositions of my films. Look forward to working with everybody.


Hello, my name is Maliheh, I’m studying 2D animation and I love doing concept art and illustration.
Looking forward for the course.


Hello hello!

My name is Julia, I am an Illustration student. I’m excited to learn more about environmental design to further my illustration skills!