Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hello my name is Karen Asiain, and I am a Freelance artist and I want to improve my environments.


HI there! My name is Esthela Perez, and I am a Technical Artist and Game Designer working in Vancouver Canada. I am so excited to take this course and learn!


Daniele Tsai, Student… Looking to learn more about environmental design.


Hi, my name is Israel López. Working as a 3D Designer. I would like to learn a lot from this course, this will be my first learning course about Environment Art. I was wondering if its extremely necessary to know Painter?., usually work in Photoshop. so Painter for me is new; there will be advanced stuff or the instructor will be showing how to work in Painter?


Hi David!
My name’s Evelyn Morse. I’m a freelance background artist for 2D animation but I’ve never used Corel Painter and I’m unfamiliar with environment design for 3D and gaming, so I’m really curious to find out more.


Hello! My name is Yvette Hernandez. I am a current CSUF student. I love learning different programs and I am excited to take this course!


Hi :slight_smile: My name is Leslie Spencer. I’m an illustrator for BabyRobot Studios. I’m really looking forward to this course! Thank-you for the opportunity.


Hi !

My name is Charly Tempez. I am a junior 3d artist at Studio Nyx in France.
I want to explore new domain like 2d design.
I’m really exiting by this course.


hello my name is amr el sawy i`m illustrator


Hi, my name is Lukas Bragoszewski, I’m a software developer with 20 years of experience, but I’d like to change my career to concept art.


Hi I’m Anup Akole from India. I have done Animation 2year Course from Mumbai. My Drawing and Animation skills are dusty right now as I have not practised them in 4-5 years. I would love to take this course. Thank You.


Not sure if I introduced myself in the right place so here I go again, my name is Jared O’Moore, I am a second year animation student and this is epic! lol thanks again


Hy, I’m Alejandra Beltramo, 2D Illustrator, I’d try to watch the First lesson Video but I can’t. I will thank


Hello, I’m not able to access to the first lesson so I’m introduce myself one more for be sure. I’m Francesco D’Amore, I’m working as illustrator junior in a studio in Neaples. I’m graduated in Illustration at Accademy of Fine Art in Neaples and also in International Comics School. I’ll be happy to improve my skills in digital paint so i’m so excited to watch the first lesson!


Hello everyone, pleasure to meet ya’ll! My name’s Gabriel Rodriguez. I’m a 2D/3D animator and aspiring concept artist. I just started working at Gladius, a studio over here at Puerto Rico , where i have met a lot of great artists and learned many new things. I’m looking forward to learning about evironment design and also learn about Corel Painter in the process. Thank you!


Juan Pedro, Ramos, hobbyist.


My name is Peter Vanek , I am an editor and 3d artist. Environment design is a skill I `m trying to acquire for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity.



I’m James Sims, a freelancer based in Treviso, Italy. Looking forward to the chance to expand my skillset and get some time in on Painter. Much thanks to David and the CGSociety team for this opportunity


Hi my name is Marco Andrade. REDSTRUCTURE STUDIO, I’m very excited to start creating here!!


looks like a ton of people will be doing this!
it will be great to see what everyone comes up with :smiley: