Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hey, my name is Andrea Slomczenski currently a student majoring in illustration. I am looking forward to increasing my skills in environmental design and see how far I can push to have more complicated environments with a narrative.


Hi everyone!
My name is Egor Afonin, I am a CG-wannabe-an-illustrator-newbie currently located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I’ve been drawing for two years already, and I am more or less allright with character and props design, or at last got used to drawing that stuff. On the other hand, I’ve never tried neither creating any environments, nor painting in Corel, so it’s quite tempting to learn some basics and tips of both discipline and program from a professional like David. :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Barbara Abdoli and currently I`m working as freelance graphic designer. I have degree in New media design. Besides my knowledge in graphic design field, I would like to upgrade to new level. My dream is to one day be a concept artist. This course is great opportunity to learn new skills and meet some new creative people.


Hello my name is Sherri Lucy, I am self taught and I am interested in learning more before I enroll in school
Thank you


My name is Rafael Sato. I´m Graphic Designer, UE4 game dev and concept art student.


Hi, I am Jonathan and I am a UI/UX Designer for the web and developer. I aim to greatly improve my UI skills for VR and understanding how to craft environment is a huge part of it.


Hi, I am David and I have an Architectural Design background, but I am now planning to transition into a more entertainment/concept design focused environment, so I am going to back to polish off my 2D basics.


Hi! I’m Juliette Ramain and I’m a student in 3D animation. I am here to improve my skills in 2D painting!


Hi there! I’m Paula,
I’m a recent graduate concept artist and can’t wait to improve my techniques with one of the bests! What I like the most in concept is environment design, i like to imagine worlds where magic happens. I think one of my biggest problems while painting are that I’m a little bit slow, so I need to improve that! :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Michał Noga and I am a student from Poland :slight_smile:


Hey. My name is Svetlana Apanasenko, I study as an artist, I want to create beautiful worlds.


Hiya I’m Lilly Kimber animation and VFX student at Falmouth University


Hiya, I’m Alex Bloxham a student of an Animation and VFX degree in the UK. I’ve found myself going down the path of producing, and although it is something I very much enjoy and would like to think that I’m good at it, I would like to get back to making art a little more.
Currently I am working on some background art and character design stuff for uni, but I feel like a course like this would really get me back into really making art.


Hey Everyone, my name is James O’Shea and I’m a Sculptor and Concept Artist wanting to work in the Entertainment industry and gain more experience. I thought I give this a try in-between my art projects I have going on and practice more drawing + design. I used to do environment sketches years ago before I made a switch to characters and I would like to re-work that ‘muscle’ again. Wow, there are a lot of Students in here. Nice to meet everyone! Thanks David + CGS for offering this for free!


Hello, my name is Arturo. I recently graduated from a Game Desing program. Currently, I am looking to make a game studio, i think this course will be a great opportunity!


Hi! My name is Magda Olchawska and I graduated with BA in 3D Animation this year. I’m usually more focused on characters, both in 2D and 3D so I thought it would be a good idea to try and follow more environment stuff. I’m sure this course will be a great opportunity to do that!


Hi, I’m Cassidy Rose, digital artist. I usually work in Photoshop and I’m excited to get more in depth into Corel Painter.


Hello everyone, my name is Matti Kuisma. I’m new to digital art and I’m very excited to start learning about environment design!


Hi I’m Yanho, a 3d artist. Thanks for the opportunity.


Hey, So I posted the requirements to join the class, a few days ago think it was 6, and I waited 24 hours then tried to contact people to get access to the first lecture. I haven’t heard back and its the day before the class, can anyone help me?