Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi, my name is Dmitry Kotlov. I’m a 2D student artist. I usually paint in photoshop, but would love to learn corel painter too!


I am using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but want to study Corel Painter :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

It would be awesome to take the course by David Harrington! Been following his works for awhile :slight_smile:
And it would be nice to give Corel Painter another go!

First name: Sanzhar
Last name: Murzin
Artist, Art Director at SnailWhale studio.


Hi. My name is Armando Lira. I’m a Freelance artist based in LA.


Hello, Everyone.
My name is Ivaylo Matkov, currently working in as a Support Technicain in IBM.
I’ve tried numerous times to get access into the Game Industry, but it looks like my art was never on the needed level. I will love to take this course and reach the next step in my abilities and creative expression.


Hi, I’m Friedrich Neustaetter and I’m a student who has almost exclusively worked in 3D so far but this seems like a great opportunity to learn about environment design and I hope to improve my understanding of creating larger scenes and visualizing environments for my projects.


Hello, i’m Anatoly Zelensky. I’m a 2D artist and im looking forward to learning more about stylized environment designs in the hopes of creating my own comics in future.


Hello there!
I’m Marie Klimkina. Currently live in Moscow, Russia. I work in the game industry as a designer and product manager, but my passion lays in the field of Art. My portfolio has a lot of breaches and I’m glad that I have so many things to work on :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Katy Taylor and I am a third year animation student at Falmouth university. I mainly work within animating in 2D animation, but I would love to gain more knowledge and simply get better with background and environment design. I am very excited for this course!


Hello. My name’s Matrosova Anna. I’m freelance junior 2D artist. Enviroment is a new theme for me. I want to learn something new and practice my skills.


Hey, my name is Elena Dinner. I am relatively new in 2D design and want to improve my skills in this field.


Hi my name is Marci Potts, I’m a retired Floral Designer and part-time photographer , newby digital artist ,mother of 3 grandmother of 7, anxious to learn all the cool things that digital art has to offer and start on my new career at the age of 63 and I am really excited about this course, so happy to meet you all !!!


Hello. My name is Thomas Lee. I am a student.


Hi, I’m Courtney Ziedin and I’m a student mainly focused on 3D but I’m also very interested in 2D


Hey, i’m Tamir Bayarsaikhan Senior student as Interior designer. Always had high interest in conceptual environment designing


Hello I am Davide Vetrano from Italy. I work as 3D generalist in a small VR/AR Studio. Drawing is my passion and I’d like to learn the best from the best!


Casey Weeks, freelance illustrator, wood carver, 3d modeler. Currently working in IT to hold the bills at bay and to fund my creative endeavors. Looking forward to this course!


Hi My name is Michele Martin and I’m currently a student . I just started working with 3 d modeling and digital painting,etc. I am looking forward to learning the environmental designs. It one of my goals is to learn this and when I saw this course I was like Im signing up for it.



I’m Pez Lopez. I’m an Illustrator, and at directly for Charon Comics, and I’m really looking forward to some learning!


Hello. My name is Khanh Nguyen. I’m a student. Thanks for the chance.