Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi, I’m Lain Sydow, and I am a character designer. Looking forward to improving my background composition and raw environment design skills through this opportunity. Many thanks to David and CGSociety for setting up the whole situation.


Hey, my name is Magalie Bou Abboud. I’m currently a 2nd year 3D animation student in Paris. Looking forward to this course !


Meghan Merkus, student


Hello! My name is Teagan Turner, I typically work in graphics or classical drawing but this is something I’ve always wanted to learn. I don’t have a presence on cgsociety so heres my instagram.


Hi, my name is Fernando mora. Im a venezolana guy that already hace 22 and i love painting.

I’m studying graphic design from one way and visual arts at the other, i hope that i can learn a lot from you. Thanks!!!


Hello everyone! My name is Ben Zettl. I’m currently a 3D Modeler/Texture Design professional for a Trade School Virtual Supplies studio in southern Indiana. Looking to refine my developing 2D skills as well as expand my knowledge and increase my production speed.


Hey ! I’m Steph Braithwaite and I’m a 2D animator for television but I’d like to increase my skills to painting and design as well


Hi, my name is Mate Sabolic, I am a freelance artist working both 2D and 3D art, from marketing graphics to photorealistic interiors. But my drive is learning something new every day that will eventually get me closer to the gaming industry.


Hi. My name is Ricky Paul Marwein, i’m a student from Meghalaya,NE-India and because no one teaches art in my place so i’m a amateur self taught 3d artist also doing self studies on traditional art but would love to learn more and get more critique from professionals.


Hi, My name’s Si. Previously worked in the stop motion industry but now pursuing 3d interests. Always drawn and sketched (mainly characters!) and love to learn new approaches and techniques.


Hi, my name is Mahdi Abdollahi
currently i’m working as 3dartist, but i’m interested in concept design too



I am Naval and am here to learn and discover .


Hello, my name is Tetyana Holubyeva. I’m a self-taught digital artist. Recently I start working as a freelancer. My level is currently quite low, but studying of drawing is a never ending process, so I am trying to take advantage of every chance to improve the quality of my work.Thank you for this amazing opportunity!


My name is Yimo Sun and my goal is to be a an environment artist for film or game. I am an architecture student.


Hi, my name is Do and I am a junior modeler and aspiring environment artist I think this will help me with learning how to make my scenes more interesting


My name is Brandon Li. Programmer.


I’m Sirina Brough, and I’ve been working in the 3D industry for almost 1 year as a generalist at a tech company that creates digital humans.
I am wanting to learn more of the fundamentals, as I’ve been neglecting 2D artwork recently. :slight_smile:


My name is Juan Hernández, I´m a 3D Artist but my true passion is telling stories; can´t wait to see what I will learn.


My name is Li Hao, im working as a full time lecturer in The One Academy from Malaysia! I’m a former art director from Illusionist Animation studio, also a concept artist too!


My name is Vitaly Popov, I’m a freelance illustrator. I am trying to study and get better in environments.