Registration & Introductions - Meet your instructor, David Harrington


Hi, My name is Becky Bogert, I’m currently working as a freelance Video Editor/VFX artist. I’m looking to further my skills in environment design skills. Cheers =D


Hi, I am Elena Kostyukhina. Lead 3D artist in an indie game studio. Hope this course will be useful for improving our projects’ environment designs.


Hi, my name is Eli Geller. I’m an art director at Carrots design studio.
I’m always trying to improve myself and I’m very happy for this opportunity to get better at what I do.



My name’s TG McLean.

I’m a software dev by day, but I did a stint as a professional landscape painter for a few years a number of years back. I’m currently studying concept design for film & games; 3D generalism and character animation (I’ve completed about 2/3 of Animation Mentor’s character animation program); and orchestral composition. My tools of choice are Painter, Houdini, and C4D.


hi, I’m Julien Cavecchia, i’m working as a 3d generalist in a communications agency and have a lack of skill in 2D


Hello! Nice to be here! :smiley: My name is Francesco D’Amore, from Italy, I’m student of Academy of Fine Art, International Comics School and I’m working as illustrator junior in Digitalcomoedia in Naples, Italy! I never used Corel, but I’ll be happy to try!


Hey guys! My name is Rositsa Zaharieva.

I’m a full time web and graphic designer but my ultimate passion and goal is to draw and paint professionally

My main focus are 2D characters but I’d love to paint some environments as well - both for the fun aspect of it and for the sake of a better portfolio. I did a similar course about a year ago locally and it was a huge success for me. But as I haven’t had the time (and drive) to paint any more environments since then, I now see this course as a great opportunity to further develop and polish my skills. I really hope I can follow along and take part in all the assignments! Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Just a question, though: Am I obligated to work with Corel Painter? I am a Linux user and paint with Krita - would that be OK for the course? Thanks!


Hello everyone, My name is Julien and I’m pleased to participate to this course.
Let’s have fun.


Hi, my name is Nanda van Dijk, I am a Animation Director at Mediamonks. I would love to improve my enviroment design and digital painting skills. Looking forward to joining this class.


Hi my name is Miguel Hervas, I am a Technical Artist at Vtime. Before that I was a 3D Artist but 2D was never my strong suit. Let see if we can improve that.


Hi, I’m Mauro, worked in the toy industry for 10 years, interested in game design!



my name is Alexander and I’m a beginner in environment design. Looking forward to learn and getting into realising ideas via a constructive workflow especially using Corel Painter.


Hi Overton. I believe just by posting in this forum you’ve already registered and should have access to the videos when they are posted =) Please anybody else correct me if I’m wrong.


Hi, I’m Rahul a freelance 3d artist and consider this as a wonderful chance to improve myself…



I’m Deric Underhill, self-employed freelancer! I’ve always wanted to have more compelling environments for my animations and can’t wait to get started!


Hey ! My name is Kunal Krishna … Recently have started working as illustrator in Winktales. Mostly i create flat art but trying to improve on painting aspect of Digital painting. Hope to Learn good things to polish my skills.


Pleasure to meet everyone!

My name is Alexander Lee, student, 3D character animator with drawing as a background.
Currently practicing my 2d skills as well so I am looking forward to see everyones work!


My name is Sona Avedikian and I’m currently studying Illustration, really excited to try and improve on environment design!


Hey Everyone, Srish Venkat here! Im 19 and briefly worked as a concept artist, bg artist, as well as storyboard artist for a small place called Rolling Dice Studios. Im currently a student doing a film making course!


Hi, I am Barney Karakas and I am a high school student, feeling very excited and looking forward to this course!